Bowlingball STORM Hy Road X

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Neueste Entwicklung von Storm aus der Thunder Line.

Oktober 2018.


Hier die Original-Ballbeschreibung:



This year marks the tenth year the Hy-Road entered the fray with some grand stories to tell.

This franchise is the baseline weapon providing easy access to both power and reaction, ideal for the modern game.

The unique manufacturing process that’s applied at the beginning of every Hy-Road X’s life is often imitated, but never duplicated.

Look inside and you’ll see a player-preferred shape that inspires confidence.

Join us in celebrating the most beloved ball in Storm’s - and perhaps the world’s - history with the Hy-Road X.


Smartly designed Inverted Fe² Technology

Inverted Fe2 technology boasts a higher RG and differential like most other balls in the Thunder Line, but with one very important benefit:

it lacks the core material that most other balls have. This enables the ball to have a much thicker shell which raises the coefficient of restitution.

A higher energy transfer to the pins with less deflection upon impact is what can be expected with this design.

WWRD: 19.10.2018


Hervorragend geeignet für medium Ölverhältnisse.


Der Ball ist natürlich neu und ungebohrt.


Hier einige technische Daten zu dem Ball.

Schale : R2X Solid Reactive
Factory Finish: 1500 grit factory polished
Kern: Inverted Fe² Technology™
Härte: 74-76 (Skala: 60-90)
Flare Potential : 5"-6" (high)
RG : 2.57 (medium)
RG Diff: 0.046
Color: Midnight Black Solid
Fragrance: Blackberry




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