Bowlingball Reaktiv Track HX 10

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September 2014




For the Hx10, we wanted to create a ball that offered great length with a strong and continuous back end reaction for those with higher rev rates.

In order to achieve the targeted ball motion, we’ve combined a brand new Delayed Reaction cover with the proven Face core.



We’ve used our Face core, which was previously used in our high performance line.

This core allows the Hx10 to read the mid-lane aggressive enough to get the job done, while maintaining sufficient energy for the breakpoint.  



Bowlers with higher rev rates sometimes struggle when using aggressive cores because the covers often times provide too strong of a combination.

The Hx10 was designed for higher rev rates to be able to use a stronger core due to the perfect match of a milder cover and a stronger core design. 



The Hx10 is finished with 500/500/500/1000 Abralon® and polished with our Powerhouse Factory Finish.

The extra bit of surface underneath the polished finish allows the strengths of the DR-6 Hybrid to work for higher rev rates, especially on medium oil patterns.



Although the Hx10 was engineered with the high rev rate style in mind, the stronger asymmetric core will allow for the Hx10 to be used by a wider range of players looking for great length and a strong backend move. 



Hier einige technische Daten zu dem Ball.

Schale: DR-6 Hybrid
Factory Finish: 500/1000 Abralon with Factory Finish Polish
Kern: Face asymmetrical
Breakpoint Shape: Delayed Response with Continuation
Lane Condition: Medium
RG : 2,50
RG Diff: 0.049

Mass Bias Diff: 0,010
Farbe: Smoke Pearl / Red / Sky Blue




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